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Medical device company announces new patents for innovative chronic pain treatment

spinalcordstimThe Wall Street Journal carried a press release today by Nervo Corp., a medical device company, that announced the issuance of two patents related to the company’s Senza™ High-Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation System.

Unlike traditional systems, Senza delivers pulsed electrical signals to the epidural space of the spinal cord without causing paresthesia, the tingling, buzzing sensation associated with low-frequency spinal cord stimulation.  Needless to say patients often find this unpleasant.

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is a high tech procedure involving a surgical implant that uses an electrical current to treat chronic pain in the limbs and back.  A small pulse generator implanted in the back sends electrical pulses to the spinal cord that scramble the nerve impulses that make you feel pain.  What makes Senza different is the lack of side effects associated with paresthesia.  The new technology might make SCS more desirable an option for people suffering from debilitating chronic pain.  It also makes the implant seem like a less extreme compromise.

Does anyone have any experience with SCS?